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Gift2Go® Corporate Gift Cards

Notice: Thank you for visiting Gift2Go, please note that the Gift2Go Card programme will be closing on Wednesday 31st July 2019 and you will not be able to use your card past this date. For details of how to obtain a refund of any funds that are left on your Gift2Go Card from this date please see below:

Remaining funds

Rest assured your funds remain safe. If you have any remaining funds on your Gift2Go Card you will need to contact our Customer Service Team to arrange a refund to your bank account. You can contact them by emailing gift2go@idtfinance.com or calling 00350 200 79616. You will not be charged for this transfer.

Please cut your card in half once you’re done with it to make sure that you don’t mistakenly try using it again. Please dispose if it in an environmentally safe manner.

Once again, we regret having to bring your IDT Gift2Go card service to an end. We thank you for all your past business. It’s been a pleasure serving you.

Yours sincerely
IDT Gift2Go Customer Service

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